Saturday, August 29, 2009

And we are heading into the entertainment portion of the newborn…



So, here’s what we are into at 12 weeks.

1. our toes

2.  Making bubbles

3. Seeing more than 12 inches away




4.  Making sounds and smiling at anyone and everyone

5.  That we don’t need to take naps EVERY time we eat.

6.  Kicking and actually connecting with things.



7.  Grabbing toys purposefully

8. Sitting up on mom and dad is fun

9. Baby pushups

10.  Chomping on our hands and drooling


And, above all……being entertained by mom and dad.  Yes, we have moved beyond survival mode to “Entertain Me”  “Play with Me”  “Look at Me”. 

So, our days are spent reading books, taking walks, being held, kicking in the bouncer, playing on the mat, swinging in the swing, napping in the Babyhawk, not napping in the crib, looking at each other and giggling, pretending to ride a bike and run really fast etc. etc. etc.    It’s getting busy and much more lively!  Mom and Dad say “Yawn!” 

Sadly, the night is too interesting to just sleep through so we are still getting up once or twice a night to eat and smile.  :)

Finally….he’s not crying in his swing…


30 Miles!! Done!

So, I had a goal for August.  I wanted to walk 30 miles with Little Chomp before the end of the month.  Today, we hit that goal.  YAY!!!   Chomper, BOB, and I are regular visitors around South Redlands during the mornings.  We get to enjoy the fresh air before it starts blazing, and Baby usually takes a nice little nap as we go.

Next goal: 50 miles running and walking for September!  Wish us luck!

IMG00143 We tried him in his big seat in in the BOB just to go to the mailbox.  He thought that was a pretty great idea.


These ain't your momma's cloth diapers...

So, crazy momma decided to take a deep breath and go ahead a buy a few cloth diapers.  Bumgenius one-size to be exact.  These diapers will fit baby boy from birth (if we had started at birth) through potty training.  They expand, which is awesome.   I went to the local children's shop, Kissui, and bought three to start. An aside...I LOVE KISSUI!  I could spend all day in there.  It is such a great shop, with incredibly practical and quality baby items.  Oh, and very helpful and friendly staff.  Ok....anyway,  since we do not pay for water at our apartment, they would really be the most economical diapers for our family.  Each diaper is the equivalent of 10 days worth of the cheapest, most effective disposable we could find (Target store brand, if anyone is interested).   I am really tired of watching us fill up a kitchen size plastic bag with disposables every other day.  That's just so much garbage.  I can't imagine multiplying that over the next 2 years.  So much waste!   So, I'm giving cloth a shot.

My first impression after having gone through three of them so far is:  WOW!  I'm sold!  They haven't leaked.  They are soooo very soft.  They washed really easily.  And, they look soooo cute. They come in great colors.  They can also be used for a second child (no we haven't started talking about baby #2, Little Chomp is not even 3 months---sheesh, people!).   They are sorta bulky compared to the disposable, but that's my only complaint.  I'm going to go out and buy what my cloth diapering friends call the best one out there:  Bumgenius one-size, All-in-one organic.

Here's Little Chomp wearing one for the first time!  He seems to think they are okay also.