Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rocking towards Crawling…

It’s on now. 

Look out everyone.  It’ll probably just be a few more weeks and we’ll really have a mobile guy on our hands.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Baby Bath…

This was Chompy’s first night in his non-infant bath.  He thought it was pretty cool!

Grandparents, don’t worry.  Momma was right down touching the tub.  He wasn’t going to topple over.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Say Goodbye to Swaddlers and Back-to-Sleep…

With Chomp turning 6 months old, he has shown us that he no longer is wanting to be swaddled or on his back to sleep.  And, since he’s past the critical point for SIDS, Momma feels good about letting him sleep how he wants to (especially if that means longer naps and stretches of sleep in the night). 

Here’s what he looked like during all of his naps today.

Tummy Sleeper

Day at the Park…



Today we walked to Brookside Park about 1/2 mile from our house.  It’s been so beautiful that we had to make sure we got in another outside adventure.

Chomp LOVES it!






Christmas is about Giving…

Heather’s hospital does an Adopt-A-Family ever year.  This year, Chompy got to be the giver!  He and Heather went to Target and got all the gifts and then he “helped” wrap them (while he was napping..what a multi-tasker).   In order to document that every year since his birth, he has given to those who are in harder times than we are, we took this picture.  Yes, he is sitting on the presents ;)


Adopt a Family

This way when he is two and we have him pick out a toy for Toys for Tots and he doesn’t want to give it away.  We guess he’ll say something like “Me Truck. No.  Truck go home my house.”   Then, we can show him this picture and say you’ve done this since you were a baby.  Not that we expect that the tears will stop, but eventually he’ll get it :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Fancy Photo Shoot…

So today we took some pictures of Chompy in his fancy Christmas outfit for our Christmas Card.  These didn’t make the cut but were so cute that I had to include them.  :)












We can move…

Even today he’s gotten better at getting to where he’d like to go.  He managed to scoot over to the media center and get into Daddy’s stuff, and then went across the room to play with the legs of his jumperoo. 


We are IN FOR IT now! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Chomp is 6 months old!!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Chompy!!!!! 

We went to see his pediatrician today.  He was smiling and giggling at everyone in the waiting room, the nurse, and his doctor.  He even did well during his shots.  He cried at the exact moment, but then was happy to be in my arms with his precious paci.  ;)  What a great baby we have!  He’s still doing well and growing.  He’s now 16lbs 2 ounces (25%) and 27 inches (75%).   He has lost some of his weight percentage against his peers, but his doctor’s not worried at all about it.  He is now cleared to eat anything and everything.  So, we’ll start to venture away from rice cereal and into the land of veggies, fruits and then meats.  He can also start drinking sips of water from a sippy cup.  Oh they grow up so fast ;)

Here’s what we are up to at 6 months:



wiggling and scooting

babbling (all the time, never stopping)

teething (no teeth yet though)

jumping in the jumperoo

picking up toys, passing them back and forth between our hands, and promptly dropping them

eating rice cereal



Making Mommy and Daddy sooooo happy that we are a family!

Here are the ever anticipated bear pictures!!!


Month #1

   Month 2

                                                      Month #2


Month 3

Month #3

     Month 4                                                     Month #4

 Month 5


Month #5


                     Month #6

Random Pictures from the Week…

Camou Dude

a boy after dad’s own heart!



Oops…Momma wasn’t paying attention :)


Monica Beanie

He is modeling the cute beanie that our great friend Monica made for him.  He’s all ready to visit her in Minnesota now :)

cookie helper

Helping Momma bake Christmas Cookies to celebrate his Half Birthday today!  Note:  Christmas cookies are not nearly as interesting as a teething ring.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009