Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas is about Giving…

Heather’s hospital does an Adopt-A-Family ever year.  This year, Chompy got to be the giver!  He and Heather went to Target and got all the gifts and then he “helped” wrap them (while he was napping..what a multi-tasker).   In order to document that every year since his birth, he has given to those who are in harder times than we are, we took this picture.  Yes, he is sitting on the presents ;)


Adopt a Family

This way when he is two and we have him pick out a toy for Toys for Tots and he doesn’t want to give it away.  We guess he’ll say something like “Me Truck. No.  Truck go home my house.”   Then, we can show him this picture and say you’ve done this since you were a baby.  Not that we expect that the tears will stop, but eventually he’ll get it :)

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