Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Daddy Day 5…

Dear Daddy,

Hi!  Did you know that you are now 1/2 way through your trip?  That means that you get 5 more days to play and work hard in Kenya and then you get to come home.  YAY!  Dada, Dada, dada, dada! :)

Today was another busy day.  It seems like every day is busy.  I woke up early again but Momma decided that we weren’t going to get up even if I woke up.  So, we went back to bed.  Momma said “yay!”. 

Then, we walked a lot.  I can now officially walk across the living room.  I can also stand up and start walking and if I fall, I just get up and start walking again.  I’m very impressive :) 

Momma and I had lunch with our friends at Islands Deli.  Don’t worry, I ate another pickle.  Yep, pretty much the whole thing, except the skin.  Couldn’t quite figure that part out.  

Then, we came home and momma fixed BOB.  This is great news!  Mr. Dustin helped let her know what to do and I stood by and watched her do it.   So, we took a walk to the park, played at the park, and walked home. 

We’ve been playing a lot at home since we came home. 

Here are some pictures of me at the park.  I crawled very fast towards the playground.  The big kids were interesting to watch! 




Momma fixed BOB—YAY!!! 


These yellow platforms are wobbly but fun to stand on. 


Anyway, did you hear that you got us a house???  Mrs. Claudia said that we got the house! 

Ok.  It's after 8pm, and I’m still awake, so I need to go to bed. 

I love you.  Keep learning lots of new things about computers, so that you can teach me when you get home.  

Night night! 

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