Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly Boy…


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mountain Home…

Tonight Momma, Daddy and I went and hung out with all of our AM friends for the AM program night extravaganza for Adventure Mountain.  I had lots of fun, especially hanging out with Adam, and throwing with Annie, Matt, Nate and Bobbi and playing with napkins with Sky and Buff. 




Adventure Mountain has Rocks.  Yay Rocks!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Goldfish Massacre…

Sometimes fishies need to be sacrificed so that people can learn to eat.  Our house is no exception.



Chompy likes to put the fishies in his mouth, bite them in half, do it again until several are in there and then spit them all out.  Repeat and repeat and repeat! :) 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Things I can understand…

In the last week or so, Momma and Daddy have realized that I understand a lot of what they are saying.  Here’s some examples:

When Daddy asked me to bring him my shoes, I did.

Momma said “Can you please turn the lights off?”  And, I stopped what I was doing and flipped the switch.

Every time that they say “ball”, I look at my ball and go get it.  I do the same thing with my truck.  When I play with my truck, I make engine sounds.

When Momma asked me where my paci was, I found it for her.

They have to spell bottle and milk now, because I understand those words. 

I know that the ding of the microwave means that a bottle is coming.

I give kisses and hugs when asked.

When Momma says “dance” I show her my best dance moves.  If there’s any music playing, no matter where we are, I start dancing. 

I’m sure there are more, but this is what Momma can think of right now :) 

It’s fun learning!

The last few days…


I’m so excited about all the balls in the cart.

IMG00738  Why are you looking at me?  I’m just eating my banana cookie :)

IMG00740 When running with Momma, it’s good to stretch and touch your toes.


Trial run in the big boy car seat! :)  I like it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010



Thanks for Elmo Cassidy!  I like him a lot!

IMG_6623Hi guys!  This is my tent! 

I went swimming again and like it!




Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little taste of my party…

We had my party today since I’m one now.  I liked it.  I got to play with my family and friends and lots of balls.     Here are some pictures of my day!

IMG_0474 - CopyGranddad! IMG_0479 My grandmas!IMG_6545 Part of the Erquiaga family including my great-great grandmother.  Thanks for coming Mamia and Mamina and Great Grandpa.

IMG_6547 Let’s go running!

IMG_6563 This is Brody.  He’s my uber-cool friend!

IMG_0494 My friend Addie!


This is Olivia!  She’s my friend too!  We had popsicles.  Thanks for them Miss Angela!

IMG_0500Playing with my new toys.  Olivia and Addie helped me open my presents.  

IMG_6557Iris and her beautiful Mommy!   


Playing Catch.  Did you know that the whole big bag is filled with balls? :)  Best day ever!


Happy Birthday to me!


Thank you everyone for coming to play with me today!!  I loved getting to see you all and give you hugs! 



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Chompy!!!!


We love you and are so glad that we get to be your parents! 


IMG_6451At 12 months old you love to:


Read Books

Put small things inside big things

Eat pureed food

Play games

Clap your hands and wave bye-bye

Say Momma and Dada


Get your toys out of the basket and take them all around the room

Be outside

Talk and babble

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

11 months later…


28340_1384461384040_1607170203_928196_2991314_n  Livy and I are BIG kids now, not little babies! 


My friends and I had a BBQ for Memorial Day.  We let our parents and their friends come too.  







My first bike trip…


too tired to ride…




We learned two things:  1.  straps need to be tighter   2.  helmet needs to be tighter:)