Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off-Roading/Trail Running Adventure…

So Chompy and Momma went running today, but since we live in a new town, Momma wasn’t quite sure where all the roads led.   One of the ones she chose, dead ended into a hiking trail.  So, we went on it….it was a big, big hill.  But, we made it ;)

IMG00788 The trail looking one way.


The trail looking another way.


off-roading is tiring.


A great place to end our adventure…the park, so Chompy got to run around before we headed home. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning to Eat continued…

Chompy has really taken us for a ride with learning to eat.  He was slow to warm up to baby foods of all stages and then has been slow to adjust to eating solid, table foods.  He appears to know how to do it, but just isn’t interested in eating unless its something that he likes i.e. bad stuff—fries, crust, baby cheetos ;)   So, this weekend, Momma decided that she would one up him.  She realized that Chompy likes the taste of pizza, so instead of pizza crust, he got whole wheat bread dipped in Fresh and Easy Marinara sauce (its ingredient list is only: tomato, garlic, basil, onion, and oregano).  Not much to get upset over.  It worked!  In the last two days, he has eaten two slices of the bread in the veggies, a slice of nectarine, pear, and cherries and has used his spoon to eat the baby veggies that Momma gave him to supplement :)  One win for the Momma and the boy!


Momma you are soooo embarrassing! 


Fixin’ the house…

I’ve spent a lot of time with Daddy making the house look awesome! 



I like my level! 

Vacation House…

Here’s some cutie pics from our two nights at Welk Resort in Escondido.  Chompy again loves his cousin Cassidy and really enjoyed playing in the pool.  He is a water boy for sure.


Showing Daddy the birdies.



I love swimming!!!


Examining the water gun with Cassidy.


Monday, July 19, 2010

New House…

We are slowly getting into the new house and settling in.  Chompy has been adventuring around the place and getting used to it.

IMG_6864 Check out these cute curls.


Helping Momma water the plants.


Picking dandilions and daisies.


The view!


My swing :)


Momma’s bell peppers


Daddy got my birthday playset all set up.  Thanks everybody for my playset!


My first time watching “the little mermaid”.  I liked it, don’t worry Uncle Matt!


making the sign for birdies.  They are everywhere! :)



Playing at our neighborhood park!

Chompy would like to introduce his new cousin!

Chompy says “Yay!  I have a cousin face and I love him as long as my mommy is not holding him.” 


We went out to Thousand Oaks on Saturday to introduce the two boys.  We hope that they will be life long friends!!! 


Grandma E. is now the grandma of two adventure-beasties!



Hmmm….what’s that in Grandma’s arms?


Papa….look at that baby.  What’s he doing?


Finally!  We are going on a walk.


Tia Daniellie, you are silly.  Let’s go.  The Erquiaga kids with their kids!



Cousin, let me help you.  That mitten doesn’t look comfy to me.  I’ll take it off for you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A new love…pillows…

Chompy has discovered the joy of pillows.  They make a great crash landing pad.  They can become steps to help reach high things.  They are fun to throw. 



Saturday, July 3, 2010

13 Months….

Chompy is 13 months old today!!! :)



He now:

eats with his hands

points and lets us know when he’d like something


says “hi”

has four teeth

is 20 lbs 13ounces (25%) and 30 3/4 inches (75%)

gives High-Fives

plays patty-cake

would eat goldfish all day if we’d let him

has started sleeping through the night (sort of)

makes friends with anyone who will pay attention to him

waves and says hi to everyone even if they are across the parking lot

LOVES the water

LOVES his trucks

LOVES his soccer ball

LOVES his picture books

Loves his momma and likes his daddy (he’s a little momma’s boy right now)