Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cute new things…

These are some new things that Chompy started doing that we think are soooooooo cute!

He says “I love you!”

He can say “Collin” and points to himself.

He puts his empty bottles in the sink. 

He brushes his hair and his teeth Smile

Although not supposed to be cute since it’s not polite…he now says “no-no” “no-no” and shakes his head when he does not want to do something. 


IMG_8572 - Copy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chompy and his friends are blog-famous :)

Check out our friend Annie’s blog for the cutest drawing of Chompy and his community group!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

7 Baby Shoot…

Chompy’s group of friends is getting older and bigger.  Here’s the latest edition of the "Thursday Nights” baby group!



Chompy (1 year, 5 months), Livy (1 year, 5 months), Brody (9 months), Evelyn (4 months), Iris (1 year),  Addie (3 years, 5 months), and Macy (2 years, 4 months). 

Buddy Walk 2010…

This is our second year of going to the O.C. Buddy Walk to raise money and awareness for Downs Syndrome.  We love getting to be a part of the day and supporting Chompy’s friend Macy.






Camping with Granddad and Grandma…

We went to hang out with the Stewarts at the Thousand Trails Campground in Palm Desert!  Chompy had lots of fun running around the campground and the playground.




I love being a big boy on the playground!



Granddad is so fun!



Here I go, chasing a roadrunner!  I can always find a bird to chase.


I showed up to the campground dressed in my Halloween costume.  I’m a Collie dog…ruff!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

17 months....


Chompy is getting soooooo big!

As he turns 17 months, here's what he's doing:

New words: teeth, trees, bubbles, truck, ear

Animal Sounds he'll say: moo, baa, quack, oooo (monkey)

New signs: help

New body parts: ears, teeth, toes, feet

He still loves his trucks and balls and books.

He will slide all day long.

He loves to help put trash in the can, and dishes in the sink.

He does not like being told no, and we are working hard on sharing with our friends. Sadly, this work includes reinforcing that pushing and pinching are not okay activities.

He has six teeth that are fully in and four molars in process.

He still loves dancing and will have a dance party anytime.

He is still inching towards trying more foods. We have had little steps this month and just need to keep introducing him to new things.

He is a love, smiling and chattering to anyone within hearing distance.

He continues to mostly sleep through the night, although we've needed to do night-time milk for the last couple of weeks. Luckily, he just needs his diaper changed, eat and then will go back down to bed. He's sleeping in later now as well---as in between 6-7am. But that's a far cry from the 5am we used to get. Hopefully the time change this week won't screw him up too badly.

He recognizes momma and daddy in pictures and will point them out.

He loves being with his friends, and continues to enjoy his "school".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Chompy went with Momma to vote this morning! He was a pretty good boy considering that there were tons of people and a ballot that seemed neverending. :) He was lucky enough to get his "I Voted" sticker to show that he was present while Momma made her voice known.