Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cutie Boy…


Eating Empanadas like Daddy!



Discovering a ladybug!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

22 months….

It appears that I slacked off with blogging in the last month. Oops!

Chompy turns 22 months today!  Here’s what he has been up to in the last two months:

talking, talking, talking

kicking and throwing balls

building tall buildings with his blocks

LOVING his puzzles

helping Momma run lots of miles with B.O.B. for her big races

eating, eating, eating (we expect a growth spurt sometime soon)

dancing to the music

reading stories

eating with a spoon and fork

playing with his family

pointing out babies everywhere

racing from one corner of the yard to the other

chasing everyone with his bubble blower

being a happy, mostly even-tempered little guy

learning that stomping his feet will not get him what he wants Winking smile



wearing the dino shirt that Momma made him.


Trying on Dadda’s shoes.


I’m going to get you.


Checking out the new “big boy” backpack for our warm weather adventures.