Saturday, August 29, 2009

And we are heading into the entertainment portion of the newborn…



So, here’s what we are into at 12 weeks.

1. our toes

2.  Making bubbles

3. Seeing more than 12 inches away




4.  Making sounds and smiling at anyone and everyone

5.  That we don’t need to take naps EVERY time we eat.

6.  Kicking and actually connecting with things.



7.  Grabbing toys purposefully

8. Sitting up on mom and dad is fun

9. Baby pushups

10.  Chomping on our hands and drooling


And, above all……being entertained by mom and dad.  Yes, we have moved beyond survival mode to “Entertain Me”  “Play with Me”  “Look at Me”. 

So, our days are spent reading books, taking walks, being held, kicking in the bouncer, playing on the mat, swinging in the swing, napping in the Babyhawk, not napping in the crib, looking at each other and giggling, pretending to ride a bike and run really fast etc. etc. etc.    It’s getting busy and much more lively!  Mom and Dad say “Yawn!” 

Sadly, the night is too interesting to just sleep through so we are still getting up once or twice a night to eat and smile.  :)

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