Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It’s been awhile…

We have been a wee bit busy in the last week.  Both Heather and Chomp got sick also.  And, Chomp’s been battling his first round of eczema.  Heather’s work schedule has been a little nutty in the last few days, as she was in downtown Los Angeles for a Supervision Course.   Josh has been out to Ojai, Catalina Island, and Thousand Oaks.  But, we are hopefully all back to a normal-ish schedule.  Here’s a picture of Little Chompy today.  We still have him sleeping in the little bed because when we took it away, he did not sleep as soundly.  But, he doesn’t fit in it at all :)   This is him at his nap today.  We put him in the bed the way he should be and then he squirms until he finds a comfy place.  I don’t know why he thinks this is cozy, but to each his own.  (He doesn’t match because he was wearing the cute polo shirt, but then Heather put on all of his eczema medicine and didn’t want him to grab at it, so she reached for the closest pair of sleeping pants.)   



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