Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween…

From the Collin-der :)  Get it?!


On Friday night we went to Josh’s boss’s house to have a pumpkin carving contest with all of the people in those departments.  The most creative pumpkin:  swine flu pumpkin :)  Here’s most of the pumpkins all displayed :)  Ours is in the middle-we went for the traditional type of pumpkin.


We continued the tradition of hanging out with the Eaton family on Halloween.  This year we added a bunch of friends and some games to the mix.  It was a great time! :)




Soccer Player and the Collin-der :)

A Collin-der is supposed to rinse the lettuce not eat it :)


This is called improvisation :)  Chompy’s costume is still at the UPS office in Ontario.  BOO! :)

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