Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Chomp is 6 months old!!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Chompy!!!!! 

We went to see his pediatrician today.  He was smiling and giggling at everyone in the waiting room, the nurse, and his doctor.  He even did well during his shots.  He cried at the exact moment, but then was happy to be in my arms with his precious paci.  ;)  What a great baby we have!  He’s still doing well and growing.  He’s now 16lbs 2 ounces (25%) and 27 inches (75%).   He has lost some of his weight percentage against his peers, but his doctor’s not worried at all about it.  He is now cleared to eat anything and everything.  So, we’ll start to venture away from rice cereal and into the land of veggies, fruits and then meats.  He can also start drinking sips of water from a sippy cup.  Oh they grow up so fast ;)

Here’s what we are up to at 6 months:



wiggling and scooting

babbling (all the time, never stopping)

teething (no teeth yet though)

jumping in the jumperoo

picking up toys, passing them back and forth between our hands, and promptly dropping them

eating rice cereal



Making Mommy and Daddy sooooo happy that we are a family!

Here are the ever anticipated bear pictures!!!


Month #1

   Month 2

                                                      Month #2


Month 3

Month #3

     Month 4                                                     Month #4

 Month 5


Month #5


                     Month #6

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