Sunday, March 28, 2010

Momma and My Adventure Weekend…

Momma got to be very lucky and have three whole days just with me while Daddy went to Chicago for a big important conference. 

She acted as my photographer to show you all what I did. 


Tell me if you think she did a good job.

First, we went to Lowe’s.  Did you know that Mommas can go to Lowe’s too?  It’s not just for Daddies. 


But, she took me to the flower section instead of the tools area.  This is better because there is more to touch.  I liked the daisies.


When we got home, I was her supervisor and I helped her figure out how to clean up our porch.


This is what it looked like before I helped.  Notice the pumpkin left from Halloween and the dead flowers left from Momma and Daddy’s wedding.  Oh boy did they need my help. 


After I helped Momma, here’s what it looked like.  Momma and I decided that this is just the beginning.  We’ll go back to Lowe’s for some more plants…including my new favorites…strawberries.



After this we went to Thursday Night where Mrs. Avis took lots of pictures of me and all my cutie baby friends.  We’ll have to wait for those pictures though.


On Friday, Momma took me shopping…I like being outside and with people, but I’m not so sure about getting in and out of my car seat all the time.   Momma was looking for a fancy outfit for Easter, and did not have any luck.  I guess lots of little boys wanted to have them too, because there were none left. 

And, we got to go on a walk.  Momma forgot to take pictures.  Please forgive her!!


On Saturday, we went shopping and Momma was much more successful.  I now have an Easter outfit.  YAY!  

Then, we went to my friend Hope’s first birthday party!    Here’s pictures from her awesome party at the San Dimas Canyon Park.  Coolest Park Ever!


I can’t even believe that I’m at a birthday party in a park.  My favorite place:  the park!


This is Hope.  She’s big, and she’s one. :)


This park has a sand box.  LOVED it!



Checkin’ it all out!




Parks are awesome Momma!



Hope eating her cake.  I can’t wait for that.  SUGAR! :)


Hope, Caleb and I playing with bottles. 


It was a great party!


Daddy’s back today.  And, I’m glad.  Now the whole family can have adventures. 

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