Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chompy’s 10 months old…

Today is Little Chomp’s 10 month birthday! :)

Here’s what he is up to these days…



Crawling super fast

Standing and Cruising from furniture to furniture

Standing alone for a few seconds

Babbling all day long with multiple syllables

Sharing his toys and then wanting them back

Giving kisses

Cutting his first tooth

Reading stories


Attacking Daddy and Momma

Taking balls and toys and putting them inside boxes, hats, baskets…and then taking them back out.

Shaking anything that makes a sound. 

Playing catch.

Eating—favorites are:  zucchini, pears, mango, blueberry, oatmeal, peas, carrots, papaya, strawberry. 

He is not interested in anything that has chunks in it.  If he finds a chunk of food in his meal, he’ll eat everything else, spit out the chunk and refuse any more bites. 

He has also decided that he is too big for bear pictures.  We tried and these are all that we could get for 10 months :)




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