Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little taste of my party…

We had my party today since I’m one now.  I liked it.  I got to play with my family and friends and lots of balls.     Here are some pictures of my day!

IMG_0474 - CopyGranddad! IMG_0479 My grandmas!IMG_6545 Part of the Erquiaga family including my great-great grandmother.  Thanks for coming Mamia and Mamina and Great Grandpa.

IMG_6547 Let’s go running!

IMG_6563 This is Brody.  He’s my uber-cool friend!

IMG_0494 My friend Addie!


This is Olivia!  She’s my friend too!  We had popsicles.  Thanks for them Miss Angela!

IMG_0500Playing with my new toys.  Olivia and Addie helped me open my presents.  

IMG_6557Iris and her beautiful Mommy!   


Playing Catch.  Did you know that the whole big bag is filled with balls? :)  Best day ever!


Happy Birthday to me!


Thank you everyone for coming to play with me today!!  I loved getting to see you all and give you hugs! 



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  1. Yes, one very fun family party to celebrate Collin's first birthday. Disappointed that Collin didn't eat his cupcake, but I enjoyed mine. Happy Birthday Collin!!!!!!