Sunday, August 8, 2010

14 months…a little late…

So, it’s been a little busy around here the last week since Chompy turned 14 months.  But, I’m finally getting to it.

IMG_6977 There are lots of creatures in our backyard that Chompy is learning about.  He likes to watch them and learn their ASL signs.  This picture is a grasshopper on the flower.  Chompy chased it around our backyard as it jumped and jumped.


At 14 months, Chompy likes:

Saying:  Mama, Dada, Daddy, Bir (bird), Boo (book), Done, Hi, Bye bye

Signing:  Bird, Milk, Food, Up, Light, All Done, Doggie, Flower

Eating:  Ravioli, yogurt, water, milk, sweet potato fries, goldfish, cheerios, toast with jelly, strawberries

Running really really fast

Sharing, I mean stealing toys with his friends.



Reading stories


Chasing, throwing, kicking balls

Showing everyone where the birdies are.

Playing with trucks and making trucks sounds when he moves everything, even his food around his tray.

Climbing up the couch and getting down, and then back up again.

Growing teeth- he still has four, but also has quite a few about to break through.

Being really happy one minute and then really sad and frustrated the next if he doesn’t get his way.

Still not sleeping through the night

Still not eating enough table food.

One day…

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