Saturday, September 4, 2010

15 Months….

These pictures basically sum up Chompy as he turns 15 months.


Very helpful!




Independent!  (read…doesn’t like it when he’s told no)


A joyful water bug!


Chompy is now:

Saying- Momma, Dadda, Daddy, Hi, Bye Bye, Uh Oh, Whoa, Done, More, 1-2-3 Go.

Signing-Hi, food, more, milk, dog, bird, all done, bunny, light, fan, pacifier

liking to point out but can’t quite speak or sign about:  light switches, babies, books, shoes.

Running all over the place.

Watering the plants outside and using the hose and the watering can.

Reading-he now has a new found love of books and will sit in our laps and read them over and over and over again.  He especially likes pointing out the animals that he knows.

He’s starting to be able to point to body part like when asked “chompy where’s your head?”

Willing to wave and say hi to anyone, anywhere.  Today, for example, the clerk at Costco gave him his own receipt with a smiley face because he was so interested in them and smiley, and then he got a fortune cookie from the chinese restaurant we went to (no, he didn’t get to eat his present).

He’s becoming a little more willing to try different foods, but would prefer to continue to eat marinara sauce on all of it.

He’s very fun, energetic and enjoyable.  He’s also becoming more snuggly and able to have calm periods throughout the day. YAY! 

He’s also on a consistent nap and sleep schedule and is doing great.  No more night feedings or waking up.  Next up—sleeping in later ;)  actually, he does pretty well! 

We love him soooooo much and he’s so fun to parent! 

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  1. I like to be helpful and do not like to be told no. So, Collin and I must be related, right?