Monday, October 4, 2010

16 months…




As Chompy turns 16 months, here’s what he’s into:

Eating-pastas and fruit

Drinking-water and milk





Learning to jump

Chasing friends


Watching “Special Agent Oso”

Hiking with daddy

Running with Momma

Saying-bye bye when he’s ready to leave somewhere, regardless of if we are leaving

He’s 90th percentile for height and 25th for weight

He plays really well independently

He likes pointing out babies wherever we go

Throwing away trash

Cleaning up

He’s moving quickly to one nap a day when he’s healthy.

He also has started the frustrating toddler stage (for all involved) where he knows what he wants, but isn’t able to communicate it to us in a way we understand/knows what he wants and we say no.  Both end up in a little toddler tantrum.  Hopefully, we’ll figure this out soon :)    

Other than that, he’s a happy joyful little guy!! 

I’m excited for a really fun holiday season with him! 



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