Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 months....

Picking dandelions in the backyard.

Yep, that's right, Chompy boy is now 20 months old. Every bit of a toddler.

He was pretty happy today because he was a lucky boy and got two presents from Craigslist: this car, and this lawn mower. Props to Miss Sarah for making sure Momma got the listing (I'd been looking for a lawn mower for awhile. The car was a bonus.)

What Chompy loves as he turns 20 months:

Talking (he says 80 words and learns more every day).
Building with his Duplos
Taking baths so that he can play with his bath toys with Daddy.
Playing with his cars.
Being outside to see the animals.
Pointing out babies and saying hi and bye to them.
He also says bye to every car leaving a parking lot when we are's so funny.
Reading all the stories in his bookcase at once...and then reading them again.
Riding in his bike trailer. He now says "wheeee" any time he gets in it.

He is working on getting his incisors (and they apparently hurt)

He has learned to give a real kiss as in making the lip smacking noise instead of just get you with an open mouth or head bump.

His Uncle Matt taught him to "pound it" with fist bumps, and he now does it multiple times a day.

He has to know where all of his family and friends are at all times, so every hour or so, we go through where everyone is....i.e. Dada? He's at work. Momma? She's home with Chompy. Olivia? She's home with her mommy (we always say that Olivia is doing whatever Chompy is doing or whatever we want Chompy to be doing ;)

He finally is branching out on his solid foods. It's so funny that he'd eat whatever we gave him when he was a baby eating the pureed food I'd make him, and then refused anything when it came to solids. Now, he's finally eating the solid version of what he used to love pureed like blueberries.

He is very helpful. He'll put things in the trash, help clean up his toys, help with the laundry and dishes, pick up leaves and sticks. It's so nice :)

He still loves going riding in BOB. We have to say "do you want to go for a ride in BOB?" now because if we say "do you want to go running?" He'll start running.

He cracks himself up and thinks he's so funny. Most of the time, he is.

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