Monday, May 3, 2010

Chompy is Eleven Months Old…


Here’s what we are into right now!

Crawling like a maniac

Playing Catch

Sorting objects

Climbing Stairs

Practicing Walking (a few steps then crash to the floor)

Eating, Eating, Eating-We think a growth spurt is coming.

Dancing and swaying to music

Laughing, Laughing, Laughing

Waving hello and bye bye

Hiking in the backpack

Running with Momma

Saying “baa baa” and referring to his bottle

Babbling and chatting like crazy

Reading picture books and looking at the pictures

Making a horse noise

Being really interested in what momma and dadda are eating.

Playing with friends


Here’s the bear pictures!

P1070010      Month 2

Month 1                                          Month 2

Month 3   Month 4

Month 3                                                             Month 4

Month 5 Month 6

Month 5                                                            Month 6


P1100034 IMG_5170

Month 7                                                        Month 8


 Month 9 pic    Month 10 Pic

Month 9                                                       Month 10


Month 11 :)


And, as always, here’s what really happened during this photo shoot ;)




To prove that I’ve grown, here’s what my parents had to do :)  See I’m big and my bear is little, and squishy!


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