Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Daddy Day 9…

Dear Daddy,

We were so busy yesterday that we didn’t even get to write you a letter.

We woke up and drove down to Welk Resort in Escondido to see Papa, Grandma E., and Tia Kixxy.  It was not very warm, but we went to the playground, played catch, and went in the kids water park.  I really liked the water park and wanted to get down and crawl in the fountains.   I didn’t like the baby pool, but we’ll try again this summer. 

P1100099Tia Kixxy clobbered me with kisses AGAIN!!!!  

Momma and Papa left to meet Mrs. Claudia for the home inspection on our house, so Grandma and Kixxy and I played on the grass and found a kids play zone and wore me out.  Then, Momma and Papa came back.  They said that the home inspector said the house looked mostly good, but there are a few things that we’ll have to fix and talk with an electrical expert (I think Momma called it an electrician) and a person who deals with pipes and water (a plumber, I think).  Luckily, you and Momma know some of those. :) 

Grandma got me this onesie on her cruise in Alaska.  It says “Duck! Duck!  Moose!”  hahaha get it?!  That’s so funny!   And, as you can see, I can’t get enough pacis.


Here’s a video of me walking and playing with  Tia and Grandma! 

Then, they were crazy and took me down the slide.

Then, we played in the playroom.

Then, Papa pretended to be a moose like my shirt and I giggled!

Anyways, I was sooo tired, so I went to bed, while Momma, Grandma and Tia watched the pilot episode of Lost with pop-up info.  They were excited!  

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