Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Daddy Day 7…

Dear Daddy,

Well, today was very interesting and a day full of firsts. 

I went to school with Miss Mercedes.  Miss Mercedes said that I don’t like sleeping in my crib at school anymore, which of course, is true.  So, she asked Momma if she could try an ‘spermint (that means try something out to see if it works).   The experiment is to try to have me nap in a cot like the toddler kiddos do.  It worked.  I took a long nap today in the cot.  Also, she and momma talked about how I am getting close to being able to go to the Toddler room for always since I’m almost 1 and my walking is sooo awesome! :)   So, today,  when Momma came to pick me up, guess where I was?  Did you guess? I was with Miss Christina in the Toddler Room.  The big kids were all in there… little babies.  Miss Christina and Miss Melissa said that I did a good job.  I guess that I get to go back and forth between the Baby room and the Toddler room for awhile.  I was very, very tired though after all the “new” things. 

Momma and I went to Thursday Night, but I had a hard time staying awake and a hard time being a happy boy.  So, Momma and I came home and I’m totally asleep!  Momma didn’t even get a chance to take pictures of me today, but hopefully tomorrow.

We love you so much and are VERYYYYYY excited that you are coming home soon!   Have fun on your last day of working hard at the school and then have LOTS of fun with the animals on the safari! 



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  1. Ya, my Grandson has already "graduated" from the Baby to the Toddler Room. Way to go Collin! Did you get a graduation certiciate? Love Old Grand Dad