Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daddy Letter Day 2….

Dear Daddy,

I had a very busy day today.  I was too excited to stay in bed, so I made sure that Momma was up at 5am to get going.  So, we went. 

We played and I kept practicing my walking so that I can be better at walking when you get home.

Then, we went to the Iris Festival in Yucaipa.  Sadly Iris did not go ;)  hee hee hee I made a joke.  But, I hung out with Mr. Dustin and Ms. Sarah and Ms. Annie and Olivia.  Ms. Sarah’s roses won a prize!!! :) 

Here’s some pictures of the Festival:

P1100039 That’s just me being silly at the park.  Momma let me push my stroller all around in a circle around the baby park.  I did a good job.


There were a bunch of girls doing cartwheels and dancing and stuff.  They looked like they were having a good time.  I liked the music.


The whole room smelled like flowers.  They were all very pretty! 


Hey, look, it’s like a Bonzai like you!

Then, Momma and I came home and we got ready to go to Ms. Monica and Mr. Ryan’s wedding celebration.  Oh, you are in trouble Daddy, ‘cause Ms. Monica’s mommy made amazing mushrooms with teriyaki and bbq sauce and now Momma wants to make them for you.  Look out ;) 

It was so fun.  I got to meet my friend Asher.  His mommy and daddy knew you and Momma before you were even married.  That’s so silly.  Asher is really fun and happy.  I liked him except that he crashed a tunnel on me, but it wasn’t his fault and I forgave him.  He forgave me for stealing his stick.  At least I think he forgave me.






Oh and by the way, I like tunnels!  A lot!!!  And, I did try cherries for the  first time today.  And, I love them too!


I was exhaustilated ;) from all of our adventures, so I went right to sleep. 

Ok, I’ll write you another letter tomorrow. 

I love you!

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