Sunday, May 16, 2010

Letter to Daddy Day 3…

Dear Daddy,

Well, today Momma and I played around the house a lot.  We went and got some more plants with the mommy’s day giftcard that I got her.  See the flowers.   She got some star jasmine which makes her think of the garden at Pondy, and hibiscus, which are just fun to look at.  Check out how big the Zucchini plant is on the right.  It’s growing so fast.  Soon there will be zucchini for us to eat.  I’m excited, aren’t you?! :) Oh, and we found the first strawberry on our strawberry plant.  YAY!


I was a good supervisor.


I played a lot under my “fort”


And, Momma was silly and tried to get me to eat these yucky things…I think she called them cheese and cantaloupe, eww gross.  I didn’t eat them and I threw them on the floor where they belonged.


I practiced walking while holding onto Momma’s phone. 



I can put my fire helmet on all by myself.


You may be wondering why I’m just in my diaper.  That’s because I decided to throw up all over momma, me, my chair everything.  I got a bath and then momma said “no more clothes for you Chompy if you are going to keep throwing up”.  But, then, I was all better and didn’t throw up again.   I don’t know what happened.  But, it’s all okay now. 

This is what the living room looked like after I made it all pretty.  This is what I learned on Momma’s HGTV design shows. 


Notice that I’m sleeping in my jumperoo, I decided to take a nap there.  It’s hard work making a room this beautiful.   Now, I’m in bed. 

I hope that you had a great day and helped all the computers feel better like I do now. 

I love you!!! 

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