Sunday, May 23, 2010

Letter to Daddy Day 10…

Dear Daddy,

Guess what?  You are coming home tomorrow.  YIPPEE!!! 

Today, I got to cuddle with Grandma and Papa after I woke up so Momma could sleep a little bit.  Then, we all left quickly in the morning because Tia Daniellie’s baby shower was today for Owen. 

Momma and I came home and had a relaxing day.  I walked and played and ate and slept.  That’s pretty good. 

This is a cutie pic of me from today.


Momma and I checked out her garden.  Look—we have strawberries and zucchini flowers :)



Momma also wanted to share with everybody a picture of some of her roses from our new house.

IMG00706She will have to go and water them soon. 

Momma and I read books. 

Oh, I have more secret teeth to not show you :)  Grandma found them…I have one real tooth, one tooth that is just poking out and two secret teeth, no wonder I’ve been so drooly and a little cranky. 

Let’s see.  I think that’s it.  Oh wait, no I also wanted pureed food today instead of a bottle.  How grown up is that?! :) 

Ok.  Now, I’m going to bed.  It’s time. 

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!  



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